ASIA TODAY Israeli military operation in Jenin also damaged the parish

The news of the day: the UN criticizes the new ban imposed by the Taliban. Primary and secondary schools reopen today in Manipur. Malaysia announced the dates for elections in six states. Agreements for direct flights between Chengdu, China, and Baku, Azerbaijan. South Korea wants to put an end to the phenomenon of “ghost children”. In Russia they blocked “Prigozhin 2024” sites.


The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has published a statement condemning the Israeli military operation in Jenin which, among other things, has also caused a lot of damage to the local parish. Patriarch Pizzaballa calls for an immediate ceasefire and the search for peace and dialogue to prevent future unjustified attacks against the population.” In Tel Aviv, a Hamas activist wounded seven people with a knife after ramming them with a car and was later killed by a civilian.


While Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has suggested that the international community “include” the Talibanthe United Nations urged to lift the ban imposed yesterday forcing the closure of hairdressers and beauty salons, which will further limit women’s access to public spaces. The UN believes that the restriction will have a negative impact on the economy and contradicts the Taliban’s statements of support for female entrepreneurship.


After more than two months of violence and confrontations, the Department of Education announced two days ago that today Elementary schools will reopen in Manipur, even though there are still skirmishes. At least 120 people have been killed and more than 300 injured in ethnic clashes that began on May 3, and tens of thousands have been displaced. Manipur has more than 1,000 scholastic institutions.


The Malaysian Election Commission decided today that on 12 August elections will be held of representatives of local assemblies in six States of the country to cover a total of 245 seats. According to experts, the polls could be a sign of approval for the national unity government led by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, in which Pakatan Harapan is collaborating for the first time with its old rival, the Barisan Nasional.


An Azerbaijani delegation, led by the head of the Baku municipal administration Eldar Azizov, paid an official visit to China at the invitation of the Sichuan provincial government. In the meeting with Governor Huang Qiang, a Memorandum of collaboration between the cities was approved, starting with the Chengdu-Baku direct flight, and later the delegation traveled to Beijing to sign other agreements between the two capitals.


seoul wants end the phenomenon of “ghost babies”, children who are registered at hospitals when they are born but have not yet been reported to the authorities as citizens. After a woman killed her own children last month and placed their bodies in a freezer, an amendment has been proposed requiring all hospitals starting next year to report all births of South Korean children to the government within a period of time. of 14 days. However, the children of foreigners are excluded from the measure.


No one knows which public authority in Russia has blocked various sites advertising the “Prigozhin 2024” election campaign for the upcoming presidential elections. The web pages contained images and slogans of Wagner’s “cook”, such as the slogan “Shoot accurately and work honestly”, presenting him as “the only one who will never betray Russia, selling it to American banks to buy European castles.” “.

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