ASIA TODAY After the floods, the risk of a health crisis in Pakistan

Other news of the day: with part of the “frozen funds” in the United States, an external fund will be created for humanitarian agencies that assist the population of Afghanistan. The influx of Indian tourists to Sri Lanka is reduced. In Japan, most single people want to get married. The despair of Lebanese savers. In Georgia, chess becomes compulsory in all schools.


A health crisis threatens to break out in Pakistan following recent floods. While relief operations continue, the country’s health authorities report an increase in cases of dengue, malaria and gastric infectionsas most of the displaced are near stagnant water. At this link, is running a fundraising campaign for the flooded towns.


To prevent frozen funds from Afghanistan from falling into the hands of the Taliban, the United States has announced that it will create a external fund of 3,500 million dollars based in Geneva. It will be managed by experts whose task it will be to ensure that the money goes to humanitarian agencies and the Afghan people. Meanwhile, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan expressed concern “over the violation of human rights in Panjshir”, where the taliban killed some resistance front fighters.


According to research conducted last year, 81% of single men and 84% of single women ages 18 to 34 they would like to get married one day. Compared to the last survey in 2015, the average number of children women would like to have fell from 2.02 to 1.79. For Japan, guaranteeing social security is becoming a particularly difficult task due to the aging of the population and the lack of immigration.


In August, the number of Indians traveling to Sri Lanka decreased by 20% compared to the previous month. The Indian government had asked its citizens not to travel to the island after it allowed a Chinese ship to dock at Hambantota port. In the first eight months of 2022, Indian tourists were the main source of income for Sri Lanka, hit by a serious economic crisis.


Yesterday, a Lebanese woman forced the staff of the Blom Bank of Beirut to give her thousands of dollars from her own account to pay, according to her, the medical bills of her sister suffering from cancer. Shortly after, an armed man entered a BankMed branch in the city of Aley and also tried to recover his savings. The man later turned himself in to authorities. The Lebanese lira has lost more than 90% of its value in recent years and since 2019 many funds have been frozen.


Many Russian teachers were arrested in the territories liberated from Russian occupation after the Ukrainian counterattack. The teachers and professors had been sent by Russia to indoctrinate Ukrainian students according to Moscow’s propaganda programs. Teachers risk sentences of up to 12 years in prison: they cannot be included in prisoner exchanges, since they are not combatants.


Starting this year, chess will become a compulsory subject in all schools in Georgia, starting with the first grade. More than 4,000 teachers received special training during the summer. Education Minister Mikhail Chkhenkeli explained that chess serves to develop “logical and critical thinking, and the habit of solving complex issues.”

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