ASIA TODAY After Russia and China, India also supplies weapons to Myanmar

Other news today: In 20 years the suicide rate has never been higher in Singapore. Inflation falls in Pakistan. Three Chinese warships arrive in Nigeria. The IAEA opinion on the release of the radioactive waters from Fukushima is expected today. Hundreds of Palestinian refugees leave the Jenin camp. Kyrgyzstan, lets give the matronym. Russian oligarchs continue to make money.


As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expresses concern over the conflict in Myanmar, the Indian companies are supplying weapons to the Burmese junta who carried out a coup on February 1, 2021, plunging the country into civil conflict. The Justice for Myanmar group reported that between November 2022 and April 2023, Bharat Electronics Limited transferred more than US$5.1 million worth of military equipment to the Burmese army.


With a total of 476 last year, the number of suicides in Singapore it reached the highest figure in 20 years. According to the organization Samaritans of Singapore, it represents an increase of almost 26% compared to the previous year. He also pointed out that family, work and economic problems and sentimental relationships are the problems most frequently reported by people who seek psychological support services.


The National Statistics Institute reported that for the first time in seven months inflation fell in Pakistan from 38% in May to 29.4% in June. Islamabad last week reached a $3 billion deal with the International Monetary Fund, in exchange for which Pakistan had to remove gas and electricity subsidies.


Three Chinese military ships are visiting Nigeria with the purpose, according to officials from both countries, of improving maritime security. The fleet arrived six months after the inauguration of a new $1 billion Chinese-built port in Lagos. Nigeria is a major oil supplier to China.


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is likely to give Japan the green light today to release radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean (treated) of its Fukushima nuclear power plant. The operation was announced two years ago and should take place in the coming months despite protests from neighboring countries, mainly South Korea. The IAEA’s final report will be based on an on-site examination that took place in June.


Hundreds of Palestinians have abandoned refugee camp of Jenin as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue to deploy a large-scale military operation. So far, 120 suspects have been detained and an IDF spokesman said 10 targets are still missing. There are 10 Palestinians dead and at least 100 wounded, 20 of them seriously.


The Constitutional Court of Kyrgyzstan has decided on the possibility of granting the matronymic instead of the patronymic to persons who have reached the age of 16. The decision has been made after a two-year debate following the request presented by the activist Altyn Kapalova, a painter known for having given her name as a specification of that of her children, Altynovich and Altynovna, which was rejected by the Civil Registry and subsequently appealed to the Court.


Despite the effects of the war and sanctions on the economy, several Russian oligarchs have made million-dollar profits of at least $16.5 billion, according to Bloomberg. Among the 500 most important billionaires in the world, 24 are Russians – like the founder of Lukoil Alekperov (+5, with a capital of 20.2 billion) -, although there are also others who have suffered heavy losses in their assets.

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