Argentina insists the United Kingdom resume negotiations on the Malvinas Islands

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June 23 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Santiago Cafiero, has insisted on Thursday to the United Kingdom to resume negotiations on the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

During his speech before the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization, Minister Cafiero invited the United Kingdom “not to be afraid of peace”, according to the Argentine news agency Télam.

“Leave your exercise of colonial power in the pages of history (…) It is time for the United Kingdom to listen to the international community and resume negotiations to reach a peaceful solution to the sovereignty dispute with Argentina,” he asserted. Coffee.

Along these lines, the Argentine representative has urged the British to lose their “fear” of dialoguing within the margins of International Law, while accusing London of being involved in ten of the 17 “colonial situations” in around the world that still remain to be resolved today.

In this way, Buenos Aires considers that London must act “according to the resolutions of the organization of which it is a part, including as a permanent member of the Security Council”, alluding to the resolutions of the United Nations. “Neither Argentina nor international law admit force, usurpation and privileges,” she insisted.

Finally, Cafiero has drawn the attention of the international powers, to whom he has conveyed that they cannot remain indifferent “before the objective of altering the stability of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

“The international community knows that it can count on Argentina for this task (dialogue with the United Kingdom). We ask this Special Committee to once again express clearly and firmly its conviction that there is no more room for colonialism in the twentieth century.” XXI”, has settled.

One of the last gestures of the United Kingdom towards the Malvinas was in mid-May, when London granted city status to eight towns on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne and, precisely, when they had just turned 40 years since the war between the British and Argentines.

Argentina claims its sovereignty over the Malvinas -Falklands in the British nomenclature-, for which reason it is usually suspicious of any gesture by the United Kingdom, even if it derives from the royal family. In 2016, he criticized Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, for spending six weeks undergoing military training in the archipelago.

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