Arab League calls on UN to take action to protect Palestinian civilians

Arab League calls on UN to take action to protect Palestinian civilians


The Arab League has asked this Tuesday in an extraordinary session the international community and the United Nations to take concrete and effective measures to protect Palestinian civilians, after this week the Israeli Army has killed at least twelve Palestinians and wounded a hundred as part of an “operation” against “terrorism” in the West Bank city of Jenin.

League member countries have called for an end to Israeli violations of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, while calling on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel “against the defenseless Palestinian people, including crimes against humanity”.

They have also called on the international community to put pressure on Israel, as the occupying power, to allow the International Independent Investigation Commission to enter the occupied territory to investigate all Israeli crimes and violations, so that the body can present reports and recommendations.

In addition, the Arab League, which has shown its support “for all the steps, measures and decisions taken by the Palestinian leadership to confront the current Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people”, has proposed an “urgent Arab” action through diplomacy for the adoption of measures at the international level to provide protection with the aim of expressing the Arab position to take the “necessary steps” to “put an end to the Israeli occupation and all its (…) aggressive policies”.

The secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Abul Gheit, condemned last Monday “the brutal military operation” carried out by the Israeli troops, calling on “the defenders of peace in the world to intervene immediately to stop this disastrous and criminal process”.

“The bombing of cities and camps by planes, the demolition of houses and roads is collective punishment and revenge that will only lead to a further detonation of the situation,” Gheit said through a post on his profile on the social network Twitter. .

Israel announced on Tuesday the start of the withdrawal of its military forces from the West Bank city of Jenin, apparently concluding an operation that began on Monday and which has so far resulted in at least twelve Palestinians being killed and more than a hundred injured. .

The operation has drawn criticism from the UN and also from NGOs working on the ground who have denounced problems in providing humanitarian assistance. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has considered it “fundamental” to respect and protect the lives of civilians and civilian infrastructure in the face of the “alarming escalation of armed violence.”

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