Apple wants to revolutionize audio in future AirPods

Apple wants to revolutionize audio in future AirPods

There is no doubt that having some AirPods of Manzana is synonymous with audio quality, and yet they not only justify this high technology in its price, but also in all the quality that the brand treasures.

And if you thought that AirPods could not be improved much more than what we are currently enjoying, Apple is thinking of improving this sound quality by providing an ideal dynamic environment for them.

This is attested to by a recent Apple patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office called “virtual listening environment measurement”, according to IT Home.

This patent aims to improve the listening experience of AirPods by dynamically adjusting the acoustics of these headphones, and all based on different environments.

To do this, they intend to use this technology in scenarios where users can listen to audio or video content in different environments such as in a car, classes, at work or on a train, among others.

Immersive audio under a great sense of space and depth

With this, those of Cupertino want to achieve better binaural audio processing using these digital signal technologies with microphones and spatial audio functions, a way of simulating real-life soundscapes in the listener’s ears.

Taking it to a new AirPods or any other device, it would ensure that the user can enjoy immersive audio under a great sense of space and depth.

It is simply a patent, but at least its registration makes it known that those from Cupertino are working on creating future AirPods with an even much better sound quality.

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