Apple has a cheaper watch in store than the Apple Watch SE. The target: children and young people

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It seems that tomorrow we will have Apple event loaded with news. The iPhone 14 will be the clear protagonists, but we have been talking about products that are also expected for some time, such as a larger and more resistant Apple Watch Pro.

That ‘Pro’ model of Apple’s smart watch seemed to be the most prominent among the company’s new wearables, but now a singular fact has appeared: the possible presentation of an Apple Watch for children. One that will be cheaper, and that will also fulfill another objective.

Why a cell phone when a watch can suffice?

New York Times published recently an article in which he pointed to those intentions of Apple and “a model that is cheaper than the Apple Watch SE”. According to analysts, the idea here would be to compete clearly with other manufacturers and attract young smart watch customers.

The newspaper explained how parents see these smart watches as an interesting alternative to mobiles. All young people want one (and they want it more and more soon), but the smart watch could be used by parents to have them located, but also by children to communicate with them and their friends. And all without that exposure and even potential internet addiction posed by mobile phones.

This theoretical Apple Watch for children would be cheaper than the Apple Watch SE which currently has an official price of 299 euros. This model would also achieve another objective: leave behind the Apple Watch Series 3 which is still sold at 219 euros.

This model she stayed What an awkward member of the family for their limitations with respect to its older brothers, more modern and up-to-date. Plus, starting to sell out in storessomething that seems to reinforce the theory that it will be replaced, perhaps with this model for children.

The proposal therefore seems coherent and potentially very interesting for many parents who want to have their children located but without using a mobile. A smart watch of this type would allow them to make and receive calls, but would limit other more typical mobile uses.

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