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Apple confirms the date of its new event in which we will meet the new iPhone 14

Apple confirms the date of its new event in which we will meet the new iPhone 14

The presentation event of the new iPhone 14 already has an official date and it is much earlier than expected, we tell you everything we know about it.

Rumors about the date of presentation of the new Apple iPhone have ended. Those from Cupertino have just revealed the date on which the iPhone 14 family will see the light of day in the eyes of the public and, therefore, they will be launched on the market so that any user who wishes to bet on this renewal can acquire it.

We will not have to wait too long to meet the new members in the current wide catalog of Apple. The California company has sent an invitation via email in which the name of this event is given and that, as usual, has an almost space theme or that refers to space exploration.

The name of the event is “Far out” which means ‘far’ so it may be an indication of what Apple has created or what it intends to present. At the moment we do not know the meaning behind this choice of words and, above all, what the launch of these new devices means for Apple.

The date they have set for this event is September 7 so you won’t have to wait too long to meet the new Apple devices, leaving just two weeks to go before the presentation of what has been a new generation of smartphones from the company and that mark the beginning of new trends.

As for the time, in Spain the event will be at 7:00 p.m.. We will do the typical follow-up of this type of event in order to bring you all the news that comes from Apple. What is expected is that both the new members of the iPhone 14 family and other equipment will be launched.

And, it is that, The latest rumors talk about equipment such as a new Apple Watch that would arrive with a reinforced version for extreme situations.. As for the iPhone, many changes are expected both internally and in the design since Apple’s characteristic notch may disappear completely.

Not much is missing and therefore expectations are through the roof. We will be attentive to any type of leak that is launched in this regard and, above all, during the event we will remain alert at all times to publish the launches of the devices as they are presented so that you always have the latest information.

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