Android will allow us to use our Smartphone as a webcam natively

Android will allow us to use our Smartphone as a webcam natively

The global pandemic that we have recently suffered has caused a lot of changes in people’s lives, and one of them is to use smartphones and other devices such as web cameras as an option to not have to go out at a time when it was dangerous, and in many cases it was prohibited.

We ourselves launched a tutorial for use our Smartphone as if it were a webcam to help all those who found themselves without one to continue with their work meetings and the like, so it was to be expected that sooner or later There is an official solution to this.

As we see in the tweets on these lines, Android will have a new service called DeviceAsWebcam that will turn our Android device into a webcam, specifically activating support for a USB Video Class mode that will allow sending video data from /dev/video*.

For now, Google has not described this as a feature that we will see soon in Android 13 or Android 14 evenalthough this may come in the form of support so that other applications have less trouble carrying out this task, or even to integrate it directly into the quick access menu or the mode selection menu when we connect a USB cable.

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