Android phones will notify you if you cough or snore at night

Android phones will notify you if you cough or snore at night

Although many people do not know it, our body emits clear signals of how it is while we sleep. That period in which we rest body and mind is key to knowing our true state of health. That’s why Android wants to notify us if something goes wrong.

A while ago we brought the news that Fitbit had expanded its nocturnal cardiovascular monitoring program, which records the pulse while we sleep looking for possible health problems. As we said, when the body rests it usually shows its weaknesses.

Now Android, which has been working with its Digital Wellbeing application for years, wants to bring a feature that, although it seems silly, is not at all. Snoring or coughing at night can be a symptom of respiratory diseases.

Already in May it became known that Google was working on integrated snoring and cough detection for Android, and new lines of code show that this tracking capability will be offered through Digital Wellbeing.

Google first introduced this functionality for the second-generation Nest Hub to go hand-in-hand with Soli sleep detection. An update of the Digital Wellbeing beta reveals today that “Cough and Snore Detection” will be part of “Sleep Mode”, which has been visually revamped for Android 13.

The ability to track coughs and snoring “during your scheduled bedtime” joins other options like screen customization and Do Not Disturb activation.

Yes indeed, need to manually enable snoring and cough detection and grant microphone accessalthough the sensor will only be active during predefined hours.

Coughing and snoring will appear alongside existing app usage information. You’ll see graphs that offer a weekly view, as well as an “Average Cough Count” and “Average Snoring Time.” This feature can also report that “You have not coughed or snored during your scheduled bedtime.”

Regarding availability, We don’t know yet if it will be available for all devices with Google’s Digital Wellbeing or it will be limited to Pixel phonesas is usual in applications developed exclusively by Google.

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