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Android Automotive 13 is now official: news and all the information about Android 13 for cars

Android Automotive

Android Automotive 13 is now official, as detailed in the Android documentation itself. This is the new version for cars that have Android as a built-in operating system, a successor system to Android Auto, currently running version 8.0. Android Automotive is the deep integration of Android with the infotainment system of our vehicle, and it must come pre-installed by the manufacturer.

Just two months ago it was released Android 12L Automotiveand even before this version begins to be standardized, we already have version 13. Android 13 Automotive comes loaded with newsalthough you are more related to what is not seen, as happened with Android 13.

Android 13, optimized for vehicles

Android Automotive is being updated to version 13. This operating system shares code with the version of Android that we use on our phonesand it arrives in an AOSP version (the base that each company will use to program and design its own system versions).

These are the most important news of Android 13 Automotivemany of them internal improvements that the user may not notice, but which are still present in vehicles based on this version.

The car software was in chaos.  Until Android Automotive arrived

  • Android Camera2 API– Third-party apps will be able to access more cameras in the vehicle without affecting the performance or behavior of the Extended View System (EVS).

  • Open cameras by location: Users will be able to open camera devices based on their relative locations.

  • Regional Driving Safety Support. It allows applications to specify which region the car is located in, in order to improve driving safety.

  • touch mode– Improvements in the behavior of notifications and their touch interaction.

  • UWB technology is enabled– Multi-anchor support for locating UWB tags with 10c accuracy.

  • Bluetooth Mainline Integration. Bluetooth becomes a module that allows independent updates of Android platform versions. Hidden APIs are migrated to System APIs with continued support from Google.

  • New API to get a list of Wi-Fi channels and country codes when Wi-Fi is disabled.

  • Improved shutdown mode to preserve RAM content.

  • New permission panel: The user will be able to review recent permission usage in a dashboard within the privacy settings.

  • OEM telemetry. Enables OEMs to use an Android-powered infotainment system to configure and collect in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and vehicle data. In other words, let Android Automotive control all the data and units of the car.

Android Automotive 13 is still in its AOSP version, so manufacturers have to use this code and build on it to create your modified versions. It will be a few months before this happens, but the base is already created.

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