Android Automotive 13 arrives with new features in privacy, the camera system and connectivity

Android Automotive 13 arrives with new features in privacy, the camera system and connectivity

25 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has unveiled the latest version of its vehicle-optimized operating system, Android Automotive 13which includes new features in privacy, the camera system and connectivity.

Android Automotive is a variant of Google’s operating system, but adapted for use in car dashboards. The company of mountain view deployed at the beginning of last June the 12L versionwhich focused on introducing new quick access controls, among other innovations.

Now, Google has introduced the version Android Open Source Project (AOSP) of Android Automotive 13 with the publication of the patch notes on your website. The AOSP version is the one that is put in the hands of, in this case, the manufacturers, to adapt it and create their own version of the system.

At the camera level, one of the novelties is the application programming interface (apifor its acronym in English) of AndroidCamera2. This allows third-party ‘apps’ to access one or more vehicle cameras without negatively impacting the performance of the vehicle. Extended Vision System (EVSfor its acronym in English).

In this regard, another feature allows the user to open camera devices based on their relative locations while hides the ‘hardware’ details of the client.

Within the work framework section, Android Automotive 13 offers the ‘apps’ the possibility of specifying the region in which the car is located to enhance driving safety. In addition, it improves the behavior of notifications and the user’s touch interaction.

Connectivity has also received new features, such as support for multiple anchoring to locate labels of ultra wide band (UWB, for its acronym in English) with an accuracy of 10 centimeters. Also, the function Bluetooth it becomes a module capable of allowing independent updates of Android platform versions.

On the other hand, Android Automotive 13 includes a new API to obtain a list of channels Wifi and country codes when it is disabled. In addition, it also adds controls for networks based on Ethernetincluding dynamic management of variables such as configuration IP and network capabilities.

On an energy scale, this new version improves the shutdown mode with the aim of preserving memory RAM and allows you to carry out precise actions before and after entering Garage mode.

In the privacy section, the driver will be able to review the recent use of permissions from the privacy settings of the vehicle. Additionally, the permissions models have been changed to balance privacy, security, and user experience while driving.

Finally, Google also offers benefits to the manufacturer with telemetry Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which will allow you to collect all vehicle data, including the use of the infotainment screen.

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