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Android Auto version 7.8.6 stops working on many phones due to compatibility issues

Android Auto version 7.8.6 stops working on many phones due to compatibility issues

23 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Version 7.8.6 of the application Android Auto has stopped working on dozens of mobile phone models that it prevents from establishing a connection with the vehicle by claiming that they are not compatible.

Android Auto allows users to view applications on their Android device, such as Spotify Y Google Maps, on your car screen. To do this, you must connect your ‘smartphone’ with the ‘app’ installed in the vehicle via USB cable or wirelessly to transfer the information from the terminal to the car’s system.

Some days ago, Google began the rollout of version 7.8.6 of Android Auto. Since then, some users have begun to have compatibility problems with dozens of smartphone models, according to the specialized portal 9to5Google.

The medium has echoed a thread of the google help and support forum. In this, more than a hundred users have shared the errors that the ‘app’ returns since the deployment of its last update, which prevents synchronization and disconnects Android Auto when it does not detect the mobile.

The most common fault that Android Auto communicates to these users from the screen of the car is the one that alleges that their phone it is not compatible when pairing it with the vehicle.

The Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, S20, S21, S22, Note 20 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are among the most affected mobile phone models. In addition, there are also reports from users of Xiaomi, Asus, OnePlus and even Google Pixel devices.

Google has not yet published any official statement about it. Nevertheless, two of its representatives have come to the thread itself. One of them has assured that he has transferred the problem to the rest of the Android Auto team. The other has asked those affected to indicate their installed version of the ‘app’, their phone and car model, in addition to other data they consider relevant.

This bug seems to affect Android Auto 7.8.6 users equally, no matter what version of Android OS your device is on. In this sense, Google recently tightened the requirements to access the ‘app’ requiring at least version Android 8.0, instead of 6.0.

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