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An Apple engineer admits to stealing Apple Car secrets

An Apple engineer admits to stealing Apple Car secrets

On the other hand, Tesla has also suffered from this type of problem, since three years ago the company claimed that a former employee uploaded the source code of its autopilot system to his iCloud account and then took that information to Xpeng, which said to respect “fully the intellectual property rights and confidential information of any third party.”

The documents gave birth to the development of an Apple Car, a side that the company has not wanted to make public, as it has even mentioned that it is not working in this vertical. According to the documents, the company had about 5,000 employees who knew about the project, and 2,7000 principals, that is, with access to materials and databases.

Rumors have recently surfaced that his car could be announced for 2025, plus it would have no steering wheel and a spacious limousine-style interior.

However, the project has been complicated for the company, due to constant rotation of leaders and engineers, as well as technical problems and lack of trust on the part of the company’s top managers.

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