An AI creates photos of a perfect party with people who do not exist, but have something disturbing

Party created by AI

The artificial intelligence Midjourney is a powerful generative AI that creates any photo you ask, with just a description. A hobbyist named Miles has dedicated himself to creating Polaroid style photos of a fictitious perfect party. And the results are so perfect… as haunting.

It seems that lately artificial intelligence midjourney is on everyone’s lips. We’ve seen her create 80s movies based on mythical video games, and David Cronenberg movies that don’t exist.

A tweeter named Thousands has used it to create photos of an alleged perfect party. And we must admit that they are excellent:

Smiling pretty girls who seem to be having a good time, laughter, drinks, intimate atmosphere… But something’s off.

We already know that these people you see in the photos do not exist, because generative artificial intelligence creates them “from scratch” by mixing and altering “chunks” of different real people. But that’s not what’s weird.

Look at the opening photo of the news… Don’t you see anything strange? If we “zoom” to girls mouth:

AI Party

In effect, they have more teeth than normal. It happens in all the photos.

There are other more obvious flaws. It is very common in midjourney that also happens with the number of fingers. Look at the second photo of the news, and start counting your fingers…

artificial intelligence party

The camera is also very conspicuous, totally made up… And possibly useless.

This hobbyist has also been testing with male assistants. They also have plenty of fingers everywhere… But what surprised him the most is that Midjourney showed very little variation in the aspect of the boys:

midjourney party

He had to give very precise instructions to get more variety. And he acknowledges that if you type “people at a party”, by default only white people come out…

Curiously, midjourney was sued last week, along with Stable Diffusion, for alleged copyright infringement, for using copyrighted photos for their training.

The generative artificial intelligence style Midjourney, still has a lot to improve. But these failures are easily identifiable, and they will surely disappear in no time. After all, it is a fascinating technology that is only beginning to take its first steps.

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