Amou Haji, the dirtiest person in the world, 60 years without touching the water, dies two months after washing

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Amou Haji is an exceptional case for science. He did everything there is to die fast…and lived nearly a century.

Amou Hajithe the nastiest man in the world, has died in the town of Dejgah, in Iran, at the age of 94. He had almost 60 years without bathinguntil two months ago the neighbors forced him to do it. died shortly after. And it wasn’t the only bad habit she had.

Nobody knows his real name. Amou Haji it is a nickname given to elderly people in Iran. His neighbors say that when he was young he suffered several “emotional setbacks” that made him abandon himself. He began to live in a hole, until they built him a cabin.

The dirtiest person in the world stopped bathing because according to account in an interview, he was afraid that soap and water would make him sick. She also stopped drinking water and fresh food. He fed on dead porcupines and other animals that he could hunt, or found half-rotten. He drank rainwater that fell into a rusty drum.

The dirtiest man in the world

Haji it was a heavy smoker. She used a large pipe that she filled with tobacco and animal excrement, and she smoked 4 cigarettes at a time, as seen in the opening photo of the news.

In 2013 they shot a documentary telling their strange story, entitled The Strange Life of Amou Haji. Here you can see the dirtiest person in the world, in one of the few video fragments that exist:

According to the Iranian press, a couple of months ago the residents of Dejgah got fed up with having to put up with the sight (and smell) of Amou Hajiand they got together to convince him to take a shower.

They finally got it, but the bath didn’t sit well with himbecause two months later he died. Perhaps suggested by his obsession with clean water and soap, which he believed would make him sick.

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It’s hard to tell how much of this story is true, and how much is exaggeration. It seems impossible that a person could have lived to be 94 years old after 60 years without showeringsleeping among garbage, drinking stagnant water and eating rotten meat, without any type of medical attention.

But the story of Amo Haji, the the nastiest man in the worldIt is already part of the legend. 60 years without bathingIt will be a difficult record to beat.

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