AMLO will ask the SAT for a report on the Certificate of Fiscal Situation

AMLO will ask the SAT for a report on the Certificate of Fiscal Situation

“Yes, that Raquel (Buenrostro, head of the SAT) come and that she also inform us about how the collection is going and why they made that decision because the purpose is to simplify, maybe it is that there were leaks and tax evasion is not being allowed “, said the head of state in his morning conference.

“If it only complicates things for taxpayers, then let it be removed,” he added.

López Obrador said he was in favor of giving taxpayers facilities, especially small and medium-sized ones.

“The problem of evasion was at the top, even legalized, those at the top did not pay, they had that privilege and that is over, so we have to make it easy for everyone to comply, to contribute and we are going to ask Raquel to come to let us know,” he said.

The SAT has asked taxpayers to know their tax information, such as the Federal Taxpayer Regime (RFC), postal code of the fiscal domicile, among other data, since they can deliver it to their employer without the need to present proof of tax situation.

“The delivery of certificates is free and should not be conditioned by any public servant of the SAT for alleged debts or physical verification of the taxpayer’s address,” the agency warned in a statement on June 8.

The certificate can be processed through various channels, such as the SAT website, as well as through the SAT Mobile application or on the SAT ID platform.

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