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Alisys brings a quadruped robot aimed at security and defense to Barcelona

Alysisi's quadruped robot at the MWC Barcelona 2023

Alysisi’s quadruped robot at the MWC Barcelona 2023 – EUROPE PRESS

BARCELONA, 27 (Portaltic/EP)

The Spanish solutions company Alisys has brought a proposal for a quadruped robot from the American firm Huarts Robotics, oriented towards security and defense, to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

This robot has been designed to do missions In places where, due to their danger, there cannot be humans, as Alisys has explained to Europa Press, for this reason it is mainly used for surveillance, patrolling and reconnaissance tasks.

The quadruped robot has enough stability to walk on terrain that is not flat, and supports top attachment of accessories such as cameras, sensors or an articulated arm. They can also work autonomously, without a person controlling it.

At present this robot has already been tested in power plants, where it allows to examine the surroundings to check that everything is correct. There are also some success stories with firefighters, but their design focuses especially to viewing hazardous environments where there can be no people.

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