Alert: They discover two apps that steal and filter all your information

Alert: They discover two apps that steal and filter all your information

Disguised threats

The research team has also discovered clever tactics used by the creators of these spyware to increase their success and evade detection.

On the one hand, the apps pretend to be legitimate by showing a large number of installations, even though they lack reviews. This makes it appear that fraudulent techniques have been used to artificially inflate their popularity in the app store and appear to be trustworthy.

On the other hand, they require little user interaction as they take advantage of advanced permissions to automatically reboot the device and run undetected.

Furthermore, they make it difficult to uninstall by hiding their icon on the home screen, forcing users to search for them in the list of apps in device settings.

Faced with this alarming situation, Pradeo issues security recommendations to protect users.

It is advised to immediately remove these programs identified as spyware. Also, as preventative measures, it is recommended not to download anything without reviews or with a large number of installs but no reviews.

It is important to read the available reviews as they often reflect the true nature of the app. In addition, users are urged to carefully review permissions requested by apps before accepting them.

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