Alan Wake 2 will be localized to Spanish, but there is bad news

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alan wake 2 It was one of the games that most attracted the attention of the PlayStation Showcase 2023. The new adventure from writer Alan Wake is highly anticipated by fans of the series and the horror and survival genre in general, but a detail has just been revealed that will discourage fans. many fans.

Thanks to the official page of the game, Remedy Entertainment released several details of the game, such as post-launch support and its DLC plans.

The company also revealed that alan wake 2 It will have support for the languages ​​English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian and Iberian Spanish (Castilian) and Latin American Spanish. All this in terms of subtitles. So far there is no problem.

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whatalan wake 2 Will it have Latin Spanish dubbing?

However, the game will have voice acting or dubbing only in 5 languages: English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish… only Spain’s and not Latin America’s.

Unfortunately, Remedy Entertainment when thinking about the voices in Spanish opted for the Spanish of Spain and so far it does not speak of other dubbing options that are added post-launch, so they would be the only ones.

We know that this is worse for other countries, whose languages ​​do not appear in dubbing or even in subtitles, but the absence of Latin Spanish is disappointing not simply for the fact that the Spanish accent is not usually liked by players from Latin America, but because the original game (the 2021 remastering) included dubbing into Latin Spanish.

Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games failed with the lack of dubbing in Latin Spanish for alan wake 2

you read it right Alan Wake Remastered it had localized subtitles and voices for Latin America, and even had great dubbing actors. René García (Vegetta) gave voice to Alan Wake, Alfonso Obregón (Shrek, Kakashi) gave life to Barry Wheeler and even the Homer Simpson actor, Humberto Vélez, appeared in the game to give life to Carl Stucky.

Quantum Breakanother Remedy Entertainment game (with Xbox support) had a dedicated Latin Spanish dubbing with equally renowned actors, such as Enzo Fortuny (Drake Bell), José Gilberto Vilchis (Merry Brandigamo) and Leyla Rangel (Hermione Granger, Ahsoka Tano).

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It is unknown why Remedy Entertainment decided on this occasion to discard the Latin dubbing for alan wake 2especially when he already had the actors to play the role of several characters.

Possibly the Finnish studio and Epic Games did not want to overspend on language options to keep costs down and not make fans overpay, but this is pure speculation.

did you expect that alan wake 2 Did it have dubbing into Latin Spanish? Tell us in the comments.

alan wake 2 will debut on October 17, 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC (via the Epic Games Store). You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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