Aitana opened it up for the most incredible photo session… And you can’t miss it!

Aitana / Instagram

Aitana He took off an important piece of clothing for a great photographic job… And you can’t miss it!

the spanish singer 22 years old, in short, is in the best moment of his career. And it is that in addition to performing her concert tour ’11 Reasons’, which took her throughout her country, the interpreter has enjoyed several crazy hits in the last year, such as her collaboration with Evaluna Montaner, as well as the bops ‘my love (Remix)’ with Zzoilo and his cover of the RBD classic, ‘Sálvame’, by the hand of the band glam rock Mexican, moderate.

Aitana / Instagram

And there is much, much more to come! Well Aitana She was the talk of the town again after taking off her bra for a stunning new photo shoot… Check it out here!

Shared through his very feed official on Instagram, this new photo session of Aitana was about a job that the young girl did with the edition of Elle magazine, for which she posed in a look as phenomenal as it was revealing…


Aitana / Instagram
Aitana / Instagram

And it is that Aitana He gave it his all for the cover, in which he showed himself with a outfits dark velvet dress, which she wore semi-open and without a bra for an extremely sexy and elegant look at the same time.

In this regard, Aitana assured from the caption of her publication, which included a second take, that her “beautiful cover” for the aforementioned magazine is all “a dream” for her.

Likewise, the young woman took advantage of the space to thank Elle, as well as her photographer, her wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle team.

Check out Aitana’s great look for the magazine here!

Aitana for Elle Spain
Aitana for Elle Spain

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