AirPods are also compatible with Android

AirPods are also compatible with Android

How to use AirPods on Android and other devices

The main characteristic of a device with the Android operating system to connect to AirPods is that it has fully functional Bluetooth to link them in the same way as if it were any headphones.

The first step is to head into settings and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Then, with the AirPods inside the charging case, you need to open the lid and hold down the setup button for several seconds until it flashes white. In parallel, on the device you must press the button to search for new devices.

Once this action has been carried out, the name of the hearing aids will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices and they only have to be selected to pair them with your smartphone.

Although they are a device that offers good sound quality and active noise cancellation in the Pro and Max versions, it has its disadvantages when used with Android, such as not being able to use the digital assistant of the phone and you will not know how much battery they fit the case or headphones.

Nor will it be possible to switch between your phone or your tablet, as is the case with the Apple ecosystem, but it will be possible to activate noise cancellation and calls can also be answered through the device.

It is worth mentioning that this configuration to connect AirPods applies to many types of gadgets, since it can even be connected to video game consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch to complement the portable gaming experience.

iPhone models compatible with AirPods

AirPods, according to Apple, work with the iPhone 8 or higher versions, as well as with the seventh-generation iPod Touch that have the latest version of the iOS system installed.

Some functionality, such as creating a personal profile for spatial audio, will only be available with iPhones that have a TrueDepth camera, and once the process is complete, the information will be synced to all devices.

iPad models compatible with AirPods

In the case of the Apple tablet, the versions with which this gadget can be used are the 12.9-inch iPad Pro of the second generation or later, the 11 and 10.5-inch iPad Pro, the iPad (fifth generation onwards) , the iPad Air (from the third generation) and the iPad Mini (from the fifth generation onwards).

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