Air crisis: Government hopes that Viva Air and Ultra will operate again

Air crisis: Government hopes that Viva Air and Ultra will operate again

This April 8, the Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, is visiting the islands of San Andrés and Providencia to take measures that allow alleviate the effects that they have suffered from the air crisis and that have impacted tourism.

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The senior official is at the Providencia airport “to review contingency plans to promote tourism to the island“, explained the minister in his social networks.

In the middle of his visit, he also spoke out soAbout the integration process between Viva Air and Avianca. Reyes assured that a decision is expected on April 14. From the portfolio he assures that in Colombia airlines are not needed to avoid generating a monopoly.

“Our purpose, if Aerocivil ratifies it, is for Viva Air to operate again. They have 10 planes ready“, Reyes said. Regarding Ultra Air, he said that everything depends on how the negotiations with the airline progress and they hope to have the same and more routes with said company again.

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The minister assured that the Government hopes that next week, in the Council of Ministers, carry out the decree projects that seek to improve the conditions of the airlines and its operation in San Andrés and Providencia.

“We are working to give the people of San Andres, commerce, tourists, the industrial and hotel sector good news that the Government is pending the air crisis“Reyes said.

The decrees seek to generate stimulus, exemptions and benefits for trade and tourism on the islandas the minister pointed out.

Regarding Satena, Reyes assured that President Gustavo Petro had given the order to strengthen this airline not only on internal routes but also on international destinations.

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We are also working so that at the end of May or beginning of June we begin to operate from Ipiales to EcuadorReyes explained.


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