Again? Peter Molyneux promises never-before-seen mechanics in his next game

Peter Molyneux prepares another one game with a "never seen mechanics"

Peter Molyneux is recognized for popular games like fable, Populous and black&white, but he is also known for his exaggerated promises and statements. This has made it one of the least credible developers in the industry.

Apparently, the creative has not fully learned the lesson, as he recently stated that his next game will include never-before-seen mechanics. Yes, once again Molyneux resorted to hype to heighten the excitement for his next game, which he likened to fable and more series

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Molyneux works on a “revolutionary” game for consoles or PC

22cans, the Molyneux studio, has focused in recent years on games for mobile devices. Now, the creative wants to return to development for consoles and PC, so he is already preparing a new game that will be an experience similar to fable, black&white either Dungeon Keeper.

Molyneux did not rule out its arrival on mobile phones, but assured that they need the power of current consoles and computers to make it a reality. Not to break the habit, he added that he found a never-before-seen mechanic, so it will be an important part of the game.

“I think we’ve found […] a mechanic that had never been seen before in a game. I think we’re exploiting that mechanic in a world and environment that people might be familiar with. And since it is in a familiar environment, it will be much cooler. And a lot of it is very mystical, because I’m trying to avoid telling you what it’s like.

“It’s going to be an experience more like fable, black&white either Dungeon Keeper. we have made the decision to make it a PC or console title, rather than mobile. I am not saying that we will never do it on mobile, but we certainly prefer PC and consoles, especially since we need the power, ”said the creative.

Molyneux has come under fire for overstating the features and gameplay of its titles in the past, raising expectations that were often not fully met.

Peter Molyneux prepares another game with “unseen mechanics”

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