Adobe removes its competition and buys Figma: will it stop being free?

Adobe removes its competition and buys Figma: will it stop being free?

Figma is officially no longer a platform independent, Adobe has just bought it for a significant sum of money and will add it to its list of software for content creation.

The day has come, Figma has become the property of Adobe. It may be one of the most important purchases made by the professional software company for the creation of designs, videos and endless content. And, it is that, it seems that Adobe is not enough to have Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or After Effects and has decided to eliminate the competition.

Many people may not be aware of Figma, but users who are engaged in creative tasks are aware of its existence. This design platform has an infinity of features, the main one being that it was completely free and, although this is enough, it also enables online collaboration.

The importance of Figma is such that it has managed to stand up to Adobe XD, this being the proposal of the software company and, of course, it is not free since it is free to have a subscription to be able to access all its features. The rivalry has ended thanks to the 20,000 million dollars that have been paid for Figma.

When it comes to understanding the situation, we must be clear about Adobe’s interest in taking over Figma, reaching the point that in this transaction has given 50% of the total amount in cash and the remaining 50% in shares. The future of Figma is uncertain, although the current CEO of the company has given hints about how it will work from now on.

The best alternatives to Figma if it stops being free

The biggest concern of the purchase of Figma by Adobe is that the tool becomes paid as is the rest of its suite of programs, among which are Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Media Encoder , Animate and many more. The CEO of Figma has clarified that, for the time being, the platform will continue to be free for students.

One of the motives behind keeping Figma free for students, as stated by the CEO in Twitter is that we are experiencing a moment of global inflation which makes them prefer to keep the platform completely free. That yes, the alarms have jumped all over the world and users do not stop looking for alternatives due to their purchase by Adobe.

Among these alternatives is Penpot Although it is still in development, is a completely free and open software project. Among its features is that it has online functionalities for collaboration and uses the same type of files for the development of web designs.

The truth is that finding the best alternatives to Figma if it stops being free will be a complicated task, although we will be up to the task and we will search in all possible nooks and crannies. The summary of the purchase of Figma by Adobe is that it has been done with one of your biggest competitors and it may no longer be free in the future.

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