Actress would love The Last of Us spin-off about Kathleen; fanboys bother her

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The live-action series of The Last of Us It was a success that left fans of the franchise happy by being very faithful to what was seen in the original video game. However, some liberties were taken which allowed for the inclusion of original characters. The actress of one of them talked about the possibility of expanding her story through a spin-off and fanboys and Internet trolls pounced on her.

Without going into plot details, the TV series of The Last of Us introduced Kathleen, a female leader of the resistance, a new group that appeared instead of the game hunters, and got in the way of Ellie and Joel.

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Will there be more of Kathleen’s story in The Last of Us?

Now that it is known that the TV adaptation project will continue, the actress who played this character, Melanie Lynskey, spoke about the possibility of returning to give life to Kathleen again.

When asked about this idea, Lynskey mentioned that if the producers of the project so wish, she would be willing to play Kathleen and tell more about her and her origin.

“The story of how this woman got to her insane position would be very interesting,” the actress told Variety.

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Fanboys teased Lynskey for his idea to The Last of Us

There was a slight misinterpretation of what Lynskey said, since the article mentions that the actress “proposes” this idea, as if she is trying her best to make it come true, when she is not the case.

This is why the actress took advantage of her Twitter account to clarify the “very misleading headline”. According to Lynskey, she was asked if she would participate in an origin story for Kathleen, to which she responded positively if asked by the producers.

“A nice press person asked if I would do an origin story for her. [Kathleen], and what was I going to say?, no?. I said, ‘Sure, of course! I would do anything Craig Mazin asked me’, that’s the answer. I certainly did not ‘propose’ this idea, how mortifying.”

While some may have liked the idea, others may not, and they let Lynskey know with angry messages, clearly the internet trolls and fanboys.

“So please fanboys, now you can stop making angry tweets,” the actress expressed helpfully. “I’m a very tired mom happily trying to answer questions in my most stressful environment, which is a huge, hectic red carpet event.”

HBO and PlayStation Productions have already confirmed that there will be a Season 2 of the project, but no details have been provided beyond the fact that it was unofficially announced that the recording will take place again in Canada, although in a different region than Season 1.

However, it is important to say that once the main managers of the project mentioned that the TV series would not count more than what is in the games, hinting that there would be no room for filler. However, it is not very clear how much this will be respected, because let us also remember that more than 2 seasons are already considered and could well be used to explore stories of The Last of Us: Part II that could not appear in the title.

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