Activists block access to the German Ministry of Finance in a protest against the G7 in Berlin

Activists block access to the German Ministry of Finance in a protest against the G7 in Berlin

BERLIN, June 27. (DPA/EP) –

A group of activists in favor of the protection of the environment has blocked access to the headquarters of the German Ministry of Finance on Monday as part of a protest against the G7 summit that is being held these days in Elmau, in Bavaria.

The German Police have detailed that around 40 people have occupied the main entrance of the building, while between five and ten have blocked the entrance door, as reported by the German news agency DPA.

It has also stated that some of the activists have used glue to adhere to the building, while another 35 people blocked a nearby street and another eight also used this method to adhere to the road, forcing its closure.

Activists carried banners reading ‘Global Debt = Global Crime’ and ‘G7 You Owe, You Pay: Cancel the Debt’.

“Germany, like many other countries in the global north, has a historical responsibility for the climate crisis, in a way a climate debt to the rest of the world, and as one of the G7 countries also an enormous influence in world politics,” activist Kim Weier has argued, according to a statement issued by the group Debt for Climate.

The action is part of a series of demonstrations held under the title ‘Debt for the climate’ on the occasion of the G7 summit. Campaigners are calling for debt relief for southern countries, arguing that countries should be able to “free themselves from the debt trap” so they don’t have to extract fossil raw materials.

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