Access Controller, the accessibility controller for PS5, already has a price for Mexico

Access Controller, the accessibility controller for PS5, already has a price for Mexico

Later this year, Sony will release the Access Controller for PlayStation 5. It is a controller with many customization options that seeks to bring video games to more people. If you are interested in this control, you will be happy to know that we already know how much it will cost in Mexico.

amazon mexico already released the access controller presale, for PlayStation 5. Thanks to this we know that this control will be offered in exchange for $1999 MXN in Mexico. Remember that its price in the United States is $89.99 USD.

If you are interested in removing the Access Controller, for PlayStation 5 you can do it here. Keep in mind that Amazon has a pre-sale price guarantee, so you will be charged the lowest price it reaches in its pre-sale period. We remind you that this control will go on sale on December 6, 2023.

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What is the Access Controller for PlayStation 5?

Access Controller is a controller designed with the collaboration of accessibility experts, community members and game developers. Inspired by the success of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the Access Controller aims to provide a highly customizable gaming experience for gamers with disabilities, allowing them to play with greater ease and comfort for extended periods of time.

At the heart of the Access Controller is a robust set of interchangeable components. This unique feature allows gamers to choose from a variety of analog sticks and buttons, each available in different sizes and shapes. By offering this level of customization, gamers can create a custom controller that perfectly suits their individual needs and preferences.

Project Leonardo was the code name for the Access Controller for PS5
Project Leonardo was the code name for the Access Controller for PS5

In addition, Access Controller introduces innovative remapping capabilities straight from the PlayStation 5. Players will have the freedom to reconfigure buttons and even assign dual functions to a single button, improving controller adaptability to their specific play style.

Inclusion remains a top priority for the Access Controller as it’s designed to connect seamlessly with DualSense controllers, a variety of third-party switches and accessories. This allows players to use additional accessories that contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

And you, are you interested in the Access Controller for PlayStation 5? What is it that most attracts your attention about this control? Tell us in the comments.

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