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A unique prototype of a mobile phone that was banned from sale almost 15 years ago reappears on eBay

Razr 40

Mobile phones have evolved in design and functions from the legendary Motorola DynaTAC, to the future iPhone 16 or Samsung foldables.

The models currently on the market number in the thousands, but some have a special value due to their history.

Fans of old cell phones are in luck with the arrival on eBay of a strange prototype of a Motorola DROID. This model became the direct competitor of the iPhone in its beginnings and the goal for Apple to beat. The DROID was the first best-selling phone after the failure of the BlackBerry Storm.

This mobile phone was the first to integrate Android 2.0 and a pioneer in applications such as Google Maps, which offered the first free step-by-step directions. Verizon and Motorola carried out a massive advertising campaign with which They introduced millions of users to the Android ecosystem with this modeland many have not left yet.

The Motorola DROID is also part of Android history. This model was an important push to become the most used software at a time when iOS was beginning to emerge with the first iPhone.

Some fans have searched for this model for years without much success. This particular version was marked by the development company as “confidential property of Motorola not for sale”. The mobile phone disappeared from all markets and it was practically impossible to get it.

The prototype has no battery, but it turns on if you install one and charge it. Its 3.7-inch screen is larger than that of the iPhone 3GS, the brand's latest model that was launched almost at the same time. The DROID was a jump in resolution to 480 x 854 with a screen-to-body ratio of 54.35%.

The single-core Texas Instruments OMAP3430 processor was more than solvent for the time and a sliding keyboard phone with flat buttons. It wasn't easy to type, but it took Motorola a few years to integrate the physical keyboard into the DROID 4.

The eBay Seller has launched an initial offer of 900 dollars, about 846 euros at the exchange rate. The ad has not yet received offers. The Motorola DROID is a legendary model, but not many buyers are willing to invest that amount for an old mobile when they can buy others with the latest features like the Motorola RAZR 40.

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