A Russian Su-25 fighter crashes in the Azov Sea during a training flight

A Russian Su-25 fighter crashes in the Azov Sea during a training flight

a plane of russian assault su-25 crashed on Monday during a training flight over the Azov Sea, near the southern Russian region of Krasnodar, according to the press service of the Russian Southern Military District.

“On July 17, during the conduct of a training flight in the Krasnodar region over the waters of the Azov Seaan Su-25 attack plane crashed,” said the statement collected by the TASS state news agency.

Apparently the preliminary cause of the accident It’s a fault in the enginealthough the note does not specify in what state the pilot is who, as can be seen in the videos broadcast on social networks, manages to eject before the fighter hits the sea.

According to various channels of Russian Telegram, the search teams would have managed to locate the pilot, who would have died from the injuries caused by the fall, according to Efe.

This incident comes just hours after the Kremlin accused Ukraine to have bombed with marine drones the Kerch bridge, which connects Russia with Crimea, the peninsula illegally annexed in 2014.

In this attack, the second to this infrastructure in less than a year, two people would have died and a third would have been injured, according to the Russian authorities.

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