A rebel group facing Niger’s military junta claims responsibility for an attack on an oil pipeline

A rebel group facing Niger's military junta claims responsibility for an attack on an oil pipeline

June 18 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The Patriotic Liberation Front (PFL), a group led by Mahmoud Sallah and opposed to the military junta established in Niger after the coup d’état in July 2023, has claimed responsibility for the recent attack against an oil pipeline, near a month after killing several soldiers in another attack against a base located near the border with Libya.

The FPL has indicated in a statement published on its account on the social network Facebook that the attack, carried out on June 16, meant “carrying out the threat against the use of an important section of the pipeline”, which ends in the Beninese port of Cotonou. , which they describe as “a first warning for the Niamey junta.”

The group, which had threatened to carry out attacks if the junta does not hand over power to civilians and restore constitutional order, has also asked the Chinese company WAPCO to “cancel the loan of 400 million dollars (about 373 million of euros) promised to the Niamey coup plotters” and has stated that “all oil installations will be paralyzed in future actions.”

The FPL was created in August 2023, a month after the overthrow of the then elected president, Mohamed Bazoum, in a coup led by Abdourahamane Tchiani, current leader of the junta and transitional president.

Sallah stated that he had taken up arms against the military junta to demand the release of Bazoum and the restoration of constitutional legality, after which he threatened to carry out attacks against critical infrastructure of the African country, mainly those that are part of the oil sector. .

Sallah himself led another rebel group between 2019 and 2022 to fight what he described as the corruption of Mahamadou Issoufou and his successor, Bazoum. However, he finally laid down his arms and met with Bazoum, who has been detained since the coup and whose immunity was removed by a court last week.

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