A Poland outside the European Union? This is the idea of ​​the ‘legal Polexit’

A Poland outside the European Union?  This is the idea of ​​the 'legal Polexit'

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The reform that was made to the Polish judicial system in 2019 “is illegal, affects the independence of judges and goes against the rule of law of the European Union (EU)”, as determined by the European Court of Justice on the 5th of June. Although it is not the first time he has done it. In July 2021, he had already ordered that country to put an end to a commission that was investigating judges for their decisions, which is why the idea of ​​Warsaw’s departure from the bloc, called the ‘Polexit’, arose.

Tension increases between Poland and the EU. The justice of the block of 27 declared illegal the judicial reform that the Poles made in 2019 and that, according to the highest court, threatens the independence of judges.

Now the European Commission will sue Poland over the body it created under the pretext of investigating Russian influence in Polish politics, which in the eyes of Brussels, could be used to intimidate opponents.

In 2021, the Court of Justice had already ruled, but Poland disregarded the ruling and since then the option of leaving the bloc began to be discussed, in what many called a ‘legal Polexit’, bringing up ‘Brexit’ from United Kingdom.

More than a court decision, it is a new chapter in the battle Poland has waged against Brussels since the right-wing ‘Law and Justice’ party took power in 2015.

Will Poland leave the EU? Will it abide by the court ruling? Is the rule of law being violated as Brussels fears? Is independence and sovereignty what are at stake as Warsaw claims? To analyze all these edges we talked with:

-Marie-José Garot, professor at IE University in Madrid, Spain.

-Armando García, internationalist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and master’s degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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