A Palestinian dies in a new confrontation with Israeli forces in the West Bank

A Palestinian dies in a new confrontation with Israeli forces in the West Bank


A young Palestinian was shot to death this Friday by Israeli forces during clashes in the West Bank town of Umm Safa, located north of Ramallah, in a week marked by the escalation of tensions in the area and which began with a military offensive of Israel over the Jenin refugee camp.

The Israeli Army has assured that a group of Palestinians began to throw stones at uniformed officers in the vicinity of Umm Safa, which led to a response that involved riot control methods and also live ammunition, according to the Times of Israel newspaper. “The circumstances of the incident are being examined,” they have alleged.

According to sources cited by the Palestinian agency WAFA, the young man who died was shot in the chest during a protest against the installation of an Israeli checkpoint in the area. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that, although he was evacuated alive from the scene, he died shortly after in hospital.

The town of Umm Safa was among those attacked by Israeli settlers in June, after four civilians were killed in a previous attack on a gas station next to the Eli settlement. With this latest victim, more than 200 Palestinians have lost their lives this year at the hands of Israeli forces, while 25 Israelis have also died as victims of attacks.

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