A new technique allows the Xbox Series X and S to run emulators in Retail mode

A new technique allows the Xbox Series X and S to run emulators in Retail mode

Shortly after its release in late 2020, we could see how the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S became some of the best emulation machines thanks to the ability to easily run emulators on them. The fun didn’t last long though, as Microsoft eventually made changes that stopped UWP emulators from running in retail mode on consoles.

Now, it seems that an alternative solution has been discovered so that these emulators work again in this mode, because as Modern Vintage Gamer has shown in a new video, A new solution has been found by UWeaPonsStore, a developer team that worked on UWP emulators.

Originally running any UWP emulator on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in retail mode required to follow a certain procedure to get access to the retail versions of the emulators directly from the Microsoft Storetaking advantage of a loophole in the store system.

The new solution doesn’t work much differently on the surface, but it’s different enough that various details had to be hidden. In the same way, this solution is being monetized by the development team, which has opened a Patreon to provide access to this method.

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