A new edition of the Open Innovation Ranking returns

Tatiana Leon

For the second consecutive year, the Open Innovation Ranking will be held in the country, whose main objective is to make startups, enterprises and also the companies that generate the most collaborative relationships visible.

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It should be noted that this ranking in Colombia will be published by 100 Open Startups in alliance with Connect Bogotá Region. In addition, the startups that appear on the list will have the opportunity to appear in the Open Innovation Ranking of Latin America.

In an interview by Portafolio, an ally of the ranking, Tatiana León Gómez, director of Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation at Connect Bogotá Region and Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups; They talked about this initiative and the expectations they have for this 2022.

Likewise, these two experts referred to the state of the current innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country.

Tatiana León, Director of Entrepreneurship Connect

Tatiana León, director of entrepreneurship and open innovation at Connect Bogotá Region.

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What is this ranking about and what are your expectations?

What we seek with this ranking is to measure the relationship that large companies are increasingly having with entrepreneurs and startups in the country.

Each type of relationship has some scores and we can measure from a mentoring relationship to the fact that a company invests in a venture; likewise, if there are strategic alliances between both parties or if there is co-development. We are looking to see how closely companies are related to entrepreneurs and with what intensity.

What can you highlight from the past ranking?

Last year we managed to have more than 100 identified companies that are making relationships with entrepreneurs and more than 250 entrepreneurs were mapped. However, 30 companies and 100 entrepreneurs were exposed in that process.

This year we seek to double the figures, although last year we managed to measure more than 900 connections between these companies and entrepreneurs, this year we want to reach more than 1,500 companies and make their purposes visible.

How do you see the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country?

In recent years we have had a great dynamism with Colombian entrepreneurs, 10 years ago a company did not turn to see an entrepreneur, today large companies knock on the doors of entrepreneurs, which has led entrepreneurs to become more attractive to companies.

Where can entrepreneurs and companies register?

Companies and entrepreneurs who want to participate must register through the page: which is one of our great allies throughout this ranking process.

Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups

Bruno Rondani

Bruno Rondani, CEO of 100 Open Startups.


What is the objective that stands out from this ranking?

With this ranking we seek to encourage startups to open up to working with more mature corporations and the same thing, that organizations open up to working with enterprises, all this in order to seek a joint innovation process. Initially this initiative was only in Brazil and then we reached 13 countries with this initiative. Without a doubt, we want to make visible and give recognition to companies and startups that are more open to working together and also in order to stimulate the market.

What distinguishes this ranking from others?

A very important point is that this is not an opinion ranking, it is a ranking based on specific data, for example the number of startups that have collaborated with organizations is validated, as well as what level of collaboration was had, how much was invested to develop those collaborations, among other information, are data validated by both startups and companies.

What should companies that want to participate do?

If you are a startup, you must register on the official page and register the agreements you have had with organizations, you must say if you signed a contract, you must also comment on the activities you had with that large company.

Until what date do participants have to register and how many startups do they expect?

The final date to validate the data is until July 25. Last year only Brazil and Colombia participated, this year all of Latin America is participating, so we hope that the number of registered participants will be greater. Today there are more than 21,000 registered startups on the platform. From Colombia there are 3,700 registered startups.


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