A modder manages to add FSR 2.0 in Dying Light

A modder manages to add FSR 2.0 in Dying Light

We recently echoed that AMD had released FSR 2.0 on GPUOpen so that game developers can implement the new version of AMD rescalingand while game developers can do it, so can modders, something we see today

As we read in Overclock3D, a modder called PotatoOfDoom has managed to add FSR 2.0 to Dying Light 2, a short time after doing it in Cyberpunk 2077. While the modder has explained that this implementation, which is a mod, is not as good as a native implementation, it can still be used to provide huge performance gains.

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Undoubtedly, what is clear is that AMD has done a very good job of making it easy to implement FSR 2.0 in that if a modder in a week is able to implement this new technology, game developers definitely shouldn’t have a problem with it.

In any case, hopefully if Techland decides to add FSR 2.0 to Dying Light 2, it should work better than this mod, Well, in case the mod works better than FSR 1.0 and a native implementation of the technology is the correct way to use this technology, though apparently not the only one.

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