A Minecraft Discord server leaked classified war documents


Undervaluing the video game industry has its consequences, because just as companies operate in gray areas that are not legally defined due to the youth of the medium, the same also happens with their communities and communication channels. Proof of this is the surprise with which the media and authorities respond to the leaking of classified documents in virtual gaming spaces. already passed in War ThunderNow it was the turn of Minecraft.

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Leak of military files emerged from a Discord server about Minecraft

According to a report from VICE (via PCGamer) the activity of video game communities is again in the crosshairs after the leak of classified military documents corresponding to the offensive and data related to the forces of Ukraine and its allies before the invasion of Russia was discovered. According to the information, in recent days, files that revealed the plans of the United States, NATO and the Ukrainian army against the Russian army began to be shared on the controversial 4Chan forum.

Perhaps the sensitive point of these classified files is that some documents contain a map of Bakhmut, a disputed city, as well as the actual number of casualties of the Ukrainian and Russian army. Although the details that are already running on the Internet are altered in terms of casualties, since some show a greater number of casualties from Ukraine while others from Russia, what has drawn attention is that 4Chan is not the origin of this leak but rather a Discord server from the community of Minecraft.

Said Discord server about Minecraft It is already out of service because the situation escalated to such a degree that the Pentagon wants to take action against the Twitter accounts that are disseminating these documents from the Ukraine-Russia war and just when it was thought that everything had originated from the controversial 4Chan it turns out that it was not so.

recently the game War Thunder experienced a similar controversy as some of its players escalated a dispute over military knowledge in their forums that led to the publication of classified army files, an action that was immediately addressed by the development team to avoid problems with any military force and security authorities. the countries involved.

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