A drone can be created out of anything, even wooden sticks.

A drone can be created out of anything, even wooden sticks.

As we have said, one of the great technological issues of recent years has been the proliferation of drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles have been deployed in countless contexts, from saving lives to delivering packages to giving better shots to video clips.

At the same time, however, drones have the same limitation that many emerging technologies: access to it for money or materials. As common as they are, they are still complex machines.

Most require a long supply chain, high-tech components, and expert manufacturing. Hence, there are engineers who have begun to try other, cheaper and more accessible materials.

According to the specialized media Interesting Engineeringa Yemeni engineer has built a drone that works and can be piloted using only a few wooden sticks and a simple motor. not the first Unmanned aerial vehicle that we see like this, but the most original.

This is how a drone made of wooden sticks flies

The anonymous individual who built the wooden drone started with the most basic components possible: a few rotors, a motor, some wiring, and a handful of wooden sticks. A video shared on Twitter shows the result: a perfectly functional DIY drone that achieves level and responsive flight.

This wooden drone isn’t the only case of brilliant engineers using unusual materials to overcome market constraints. According to Spectrum IEEEexperts from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (Switzerland) presented in November 2022 a drone with wings made of rice cakes, accompanied by a working model.

Drones have countless uses, which is why their use and accessibility are so important in the actual world. In the future, they are expected to do all kinds of tasks, from carrying medicines to controlling traffic. In any case, to get there you have to try and innovate. Like today.

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