A developer has created an AI that suggests what to say in work meetings: this is ‘Tele-Prompt’

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Almost all of us have been at some point without knowing what to say in a Work meeting. Artificial intelligence (AI), already delighting us with apps like DALL-E 2 and chatbots like ChatGPT, could come to our rescue.

Daniel Gross, a developer who worked for several years in the field of AI within Apple, has just introduced Tele-Prompt. It is a program that listens to the meeting with your colleagues and suggests comments to contribute to the conversation.

A solution that does not require an Internet connection

The creator has explained in a Twitter thread that Tele-Prompt works without being connected to the Internet. “Everything happens privately on your computer,” says Gross. In general, it all starts with a voice recognition system that picks up what is being said.

Next comes into play a Python framework for sentence embeddings known as SentenceTransformer. This is responsible for finding related phrases in the dataset kagglewhich has millions of citations categorized by author, style, and popularity.

A) Yes, as we can see in a videoif the AI ​​program recognizes that someone is asking find the solution to a problemit will suggest phrases like “the solution will come when the people in charge are responsible for the problem”.

Also, in case of conversations related to sales, you can suggest phrases from prominent people in the sector. “You can never learn to sell by reading books and watching videos. To learn to sell you have to make more than 300 calls a day”.

In the demo posted by the developer on Twitter we can see some expressions intended for make reflection to meeting participants. “Freedom is a daring liberation” and “Freedom is a state of mind.”

There is no doubt that Tele-Prompt is a program that is in the experimental phase and still has a long way to go. However, its existence is another example of the relentless advancement of AI in these times, which is no longer limited to companies of a certain level.

In fact, those interested in exploring this program in depth and, why not, being inspired to improve it or create alternative versions. They can do it from developer profile on GitHub.

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