A Congolese soldier kills thirteen people, ten of them minors, in the northeast of the country

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July 24 (EUROPA PRESS) –

A soldier from the Democratic Republic of the Congo has fired this weekend against a group of people in a shopping center in the northern province of Ituri, killing thirteen people, ten of them minors.

The soldier shot the victims at point blank range on Saturday night, fleeing after committing the crime. The authorities have issued an arrest warrant.

The shooter went to the scene to attend his son’s funeral. He started shooting because the relatives decided to bury him in his absence.

“There is a soldier from the naval force who had lost his son and who left Gobu (where he was assigned) to come to the funeral where he found his son already buried. When he arrived, he began to ask where his son’s body was,” the authorities explained, as reported by the 7sur7 portal.

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