A Coldplay concert in Argentina will be broadcast in theaters around the world in October

( ) — If you are one of the lucky ones to be able to attend one of Coldplay’s concerts at the River Plate stadium in Buenos Aires in October, your face could end up appearing in movie theaters worldwide.

The British group announced last week that it will broadcast live and worldwide its presentation on October 28, whose tickets are completely sold out.

Coldplay, live from Argentina to the world

This is just one of the ten concert dates of the “Music of the Spheres” tour that Coldplay will offer for one of the most passionate audiences in Latin America, Argentina.

This Thursday, the band announced that those interested in joining these concerts from their countries will be able to reserve their tickets through the page

The audiovisual direction of this concert will be in charge of Paul Dugdale, BAFTA winner and Grammy nominee.

This will be the first time that the group transmits a live concert from Latin America.

In July, Coldplay broadcast live but only via audio his concert at the Stade de France in Paris.

The details of the “Music of the Spheres” tour

Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” tour has made headlines worldwide, not only for the spectacular staging, but also for the experience surrounding the concert. For several years, Coldplay implemented the use of bracelets that light up to the sound of each of the band’s hits.

In July, the group said on his website that one of the objectives of the tour is to be inclusive and that is why in each show they offer sign language interpreters so that their followers with a hearing problem can enjoy the lyrics of the songs like the rest of the public.

“We’re also partnering with KultureCity to provide sensory bags and a mobile sensory shelter station for those with sensory sensitivities. For attendees who are blind or visually impaired, we now offer tactile tours before the show,” the band said.

In addition, it has several activations so that its followers can generate electrical energy, such as pedaling a series of stationary bicycles to generate part of the energy used during the show.

These are the songs that Coldplay performs on this tour

According to the page Official Chartsthe official list that groups the musical successes for the United Kingdom, the set list by Coldplay is as follows:

  1. High Power
  2. Adventure of a Lifetime
  3. Paradise
  4. CharlieBrown
  5. The Scientist
  6. Live life
  7. Hymn for the Weekend
  8. Let Somebody Go
  9. politics
  10. In My Place
  11. Yellow
  12. Human Heart
  13. People of the Pride
  14. Clocks
  15. infinity sign
  16. Something Just Like This
  17. midnight
  18. My Universe
  19. A Sky Full Of Stars
  20. Sparks
  21. humanity
  22. Fix You
  23. Beautiful

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