A $3,300 self-driving stroller will be at CES this year. Are the parents prepared?

gluxkind stroller

() — Hold on tight: Self-driving technology has arrived in baby strollers.

Canadian baby gear company Gluxkind unveiled its Ella AI Powered smart stroller at this year’s CES, the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas that features some of the most cutting-edge and wacky new technology.

The smart stroller offers much of the same technology as autonomous cars and delivery robots, including a dual-motor system for climbing hills and automatic brake assist downhill. Like a Tesla with “autopilot”the technology built into Gluxkind’s stroller has sensors that detect objects around it, but it’s intended to serve as “an extra set of eyes and hands,” according to the company’s website, not to replace a caregiver.

“Autonomous driving” stroller from the company Gluxkind.

The Ella stroller is capable of driving itself to keep your hands free, but only when the child is not inside. She uses cameras to monitor her surroundings and navigate the sidewalks.

For parents who are probably reasonably nervous about putting their baby in a stroller with a mind of its own, Gluxkind posted a video on youtube with some use cases. A father carrying his stroller down a hill rushes to save his son’s dropped and rolling toy. The stroller brakes itself.

In another demonstration, a child gets tired of sitting in the stroller and wants to be carried. The stroller She walks alone while the parents carry the child.

Autonomous driving technology is not yet fully tested and certainly not ready for the market. Although the companies that have implanted this technology in vehicles claim that it adds an element of safety when used correctly and the driver pays attention, putting children in the care of AI may not be for everyone.

True autonomous driving is still years away 0:56

Founded in 2020, Gluxkind also added other specific features to the Ella stroller, such as “Automatic Rock-My-Baby” that automatically rocks baby and a built-in white noise machine to soothe little ones to sleep. The entire system is equipped with a car seat, infant bassinet, and toddler seat.

Anne Hunger, CPO and co-founder of Gluxkind, wrote in a November press release: “The development was based on our own experience as first-time parents. We have put a lot of effort into this product and are excited to get it into the hands of more customers in 2023.” “.

For $3,300, parents can get on the pre-order list for Ella, one of the 2023 CES Show Innovation Award-winning consumer technology products. Deliveries of the stroller will begin in April 2023, according to the company’s website.

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