a 14-year-old girl injured in kyiv and Lviv without electricity

A house destroyed this Thursday in the Zaporizhia region.

Russia launched more than 120 missiles on Ukraine on Thursday “to destroy critical infrastructure and massively kill civilians,” the President’s Office reported. The preliminary balance of damages are three people injured in kyiv, including a child under 14 years of age, and 90% of the population of Lviv without electricity. Its mayor also laments probable “interruptions in the water supply.”

The Air Force Command reported early on a new wave of “attacks from various directions with cruise missiles from strategic aircraft and ships.” the army of Volodimir Zelensky It has knocked down 54 of them, but the problems do not stop accumulating for a country that is winning the territorial dispute against the invader, but with large nuclei without the most basic resources in the harsh winter.

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The Kremlin denies day after day attacking civilians, but day after day it does, if not directly at critical infrastructure. This Thursday, the bombardments have reached the maternity wing of a hospital in the city of Kherson, fortunately without causing injuries: medical personnel and patients had arrived at the shelter on time.

“It was terrifying. The explosions started abruptly, the window handle started to break. My hands are still shaking,” one of the new mothers told Reuters. Ukraine recaptured Kherson last month in what is considered the greatest victory of the war – and enemy failure – but the city has not stopped being bombarded by Russian forces.

A house destroyed this Thursday in the Zaporizhia region.



Zelenski: “Expect a difficult year”

Zelenski addressed his compatriots this Wednesday night, as practically every night since the start of the invasion. He warned them that after “terrible months” a “complicated year” is coming, but that it will end in victory if morale and solidarity among Ukrainians do not decline. Vladimir Putin try to undermine that confidence by condemning, if not to death, to cold, to scarcity. Zelensky wants to prevent it.

“We haven’t lost our humanity even though we’ve been through terrible months. And we’re not going to lose it even though we’re also in for a tough year. We’ll win. And we really have to do it together.” (…) It doesn’t matter what is happening; support each other. Take the time to say kind words to people close to you, even if they are not; to other Ukrainians”.

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“If a person is in such a difficult situation – he continued -, in such a difficult moment, they are left alone and for some reason they do not have relatives, please ask if they need help. Or just help without even asking.”

Hours before, the president gave a speech in Parliament. There he reiterated that the goal is to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine and free all Ukrainians who are currently prisoners of the Russians. And after the victory, he pointed out, the reconstruction will be “the great economic project of Europe”, for which he urged the deputies to approve laws that stimulate the entry of companies in the market.

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