64% of online students prefer universities, not apps

64% of online students prefer universities, not apps

1. That it is a recognized institution (43%)

2. An affordable cost model or flexible payment plans (33%)

3. Your educational model (32%)

4. That it has good recommendations (29%)

5. The possibility of studying online or mixed (29%)

“When asking the respondents what are the main aspects that they would consider when deciding to study an educational offer, five out of 10 assured that it should be related to their academic or work training, another 38% assure that it should allow them a better job in another company, 28% to allow them to find a job, and also something based on the job offer (25%)”, the study specifies.

What do online students prefer?

Flexibility in the study plan and schedules is the characteristic that matters most to users when deciding to continue with their academic preparation, even more so than in 2021. They also want the offer to include quality teachers, have a of studies focused on the labor market, as well as learning from practical cases.

Regarding the preference for the type of study, 56% of those who already study do so online and 40% want to do so in the next 12 months (an increase of five points compared to last year). Another 40% want to study in the following year under mixed modality and only 20% in person.

Among the advantages of the online modality, the following stand out: schedule flexibility, platform available at all times, affordable cost, as well as the recognition of the institution and the educational offer. Regarding the advantages of the face-to-face modality, the proximity to their home or work and the quality of the programs stand out.

“We are facing the challenge of professionalizing online education to meet the current demand of applicants, therefore, institutions that generate integrated educational models (Phygital: physical-digital) will be able to develop compelling and highly attractive value propositions” , said Lina Rodríguez, vice president of Education and Culture of the MX Internet Association.

Under the 100% online modality, the preference for studying master’s degrees in this way increases; bachelor’s and engineering degrees are preferred to be studied in person.

Online education is the most accessible, according to Internet users participating in the study, since an average cost of 4,600 pesos per month is estimated, between school fees and extra expenses.

The study was conducted in May and June 2022, at the national level, with 5,269 Internet users studying or intending to study.

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