5 easy-to-install mosquito nets that will help you get rid of mosquitoes

5 easy-to-install mosquito nets that will help you get rid of mosquitoes

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Forget about flies and mosquitoes with these practical mosquito nets that you can install on any window or door.

If with the heat you have no choice but to open the windows and doors to create a current and the air improves the temperature of your house, you will know better than anyone that it is also an open bar for flies and mosquitoes to enter, extremely annoying at night.

Stop suffering sleeplessness due to the noise of mosquitoes by installing one of these practical mosquito nets that are very easy to install and uninstall.

They are designed to put them on your windows or doors and be able to pick them up for the next season.

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You can always use devices that repel mosquitoes and flies, as well as other insects. But these mosquito nets are cheaper and more permanent solutions.

You will find them on Amazon, but being so cheap to get free and fast shipping We recommend you sign up for Prime. It has a free trial of 30 days without commitment, up to 3 months if you are a studentand there is no permanence.

  1. magnetic mosquito net
  2. Extendable mosquito net
  3. self-adhesive mosquito net
  4. mosquito net for doors
  5. roll-up mosquito net

EASYmaxx magnetic window fly screen

EASYmaxx magnetic mosquito net

If you want to install a mosquito net on a window that is very easy to remove, but you can always install it whenever you want, this EASYmaxx mosquito net is a solution.

Use magnets attached to the window or door frames and also on the edges of the screen to make a good fit.

It is available in a size of 150 x 130 cm for less than 18 eurosbut you can always crop it to fit your window.

Vigor extendable mosquito net

Vigor extendable mosquito net

If you want a more permanent solution against mosquitoes and flies you can install this Vigor extendable mosquito net in any window.

It is a system that adapts to windows from 40 to 75 cm wide, with a height of 50 cm. It is made of anodized aluminum and is the best solution to leave it for long periods of time in a fixed window, allowing air to pass through.

Its price is 28 euros on Amazon.

tesa Insect Stop self-adhesive mosquito net

tesa Insect Stop

This mosquito net from the well-known tesa brand allows you to install a mesh against any outside element and adapt it to any window.

Use self-adhesive tape that you can install on the edge of a window without getting in the way when closing it. The mesh has a size of 130 x 150 cm and can be cut with scissors.

It is one of the cheapest and easiest to use solutions, for just over 7 euros.

MYCARBON door mosquito net

MYCARBON door mosquito net

If you need to cover a door so that no fly or mosquito enters, even other insects, but it is easy to open so that any person or pet can get out, this mosquito net for MYCARBON doors it will work fine.

Cost just over 13 euros and is available in a minimum size of 70 x 200 cm, but there are many sizes, up to 150 x 260 cm for large sliding doors.

It is installed with double-sided tape and will stay put for a long time.

Avosdim roller mosquito net for window

Avosdim roll-up mosquito net

For those who want a mosquito net that they can leave installed in a window, we recommend this roller mosquito net. for less than 20 euros.

It is available in a size of 80 x 130 cm and 130 x 160 cm. The frame is made of PVC and the mosquito net is rolled up on top. Its installation is nothing more than putting a couple of screws into the wood of the window and cutting it to the desired height so that you can have a mesh that will prevent the entry of insects.

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