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OPPO has its own AirTag ready and you won't have to worry about the battery

Everything points to that The United States will end up banning TikTok. Now everything depends on President Joe Biden, who has already received the go-ahead from the Supreme Court to give the order.

Elon Musk concealed that, last year, the FDAthe North American regulator of medical tests, banned him from starting human clinical trials from his brain chip. Despite this, he said 6 months ago that the tests would begin this spring.

Buyers of graphics cards they cannot live in peace. It seems that the cryptocurrency thing was over, but now it comes… ChatGPT and AIwhich also requires great processing power.

Technological news

The war against TikTok continues: the United States wants to ban its use. read the news

FDA Bans Elon Musk From Using Neuralink Brain Implants On Humans, Explains Why They’re Dangerous. read the news

Windows 12 is so real that Intel has inadvertently leaked it. read the news

ChatGPT could be the great enemy of GPUs after cryptocurrencies. read the news

The number 637 of Computer Today is already in your kiosk! read the news

What we have seen at the MWC and what has been its evolution. Read the report


Motorola does not give up and has a new folding Razr on its hands. read the news

OPPO has its own AirTag ready and you won’t have to worry about the battery. read the news

Today’s best Android tools that were inspired by iOS. read the news

This is the danger you run with the mobile WiFi connection, when leaving home. read the news

Computers and tablets

AMD’s best client is Microsoft’s biggest rival. read the news

3 Quick Ways to Look Up Word Definitions in Windows 11. Read the Tutorial

4 methods to know the IP address of your printer. read the tutorial

What is and when to use the compatibility program for legacy applications in Windows 11. read the tutorial


This is the perfect time to have dinner if your goal is to lose weight, according to science. read the news

How the electric companies cheat us on our bills. read the news

When is it mandatory to declare your operations with Bizum to the Treasury in the Income 2022/23. Read the news

Operations in Bizum that could cause you problems with the 2022/23 Income Tax

The Treasury may seize your cryptocurrencies in these cases. read the news

Recall of more than 2 million Cosori air fryers due to risk of fire and burns. read the news

Best folding electric bikes you can buy. Check the shopping list

entertainment and gaming

One year after the slap, Will Smith receives an award again, and he doesn’t stop: 6 minutes of speech. read the news

The dangers you expose yourself to if you decide to use a pirated IPTV list to watch free TV. read the news

YouTube not listening? How to fix sound problems on YouTube. Consult the tutorial


Elon Musk presents his Tesla “Master Plan 3” focused on sustainability, but forget about new cars. read the news

The world’s largest electric car manufacturer has just been approved. read the news

Tesla and his Gigafactory

science and culture

This is how Google tracks you even when you’re not using it: should you worry? read the news

NASA claims that rocket impact against asteroids is our best planetary defense. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Carrefour triumphs on Twitter with the raffle for the top toy of our childhood, the Tamagotchis. read the news

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, is very clear about what the smartphone of the future will be like. read the news

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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Guterres visits Iraqi Kurdistan and assures that he sees "important progress" in the area

Guterres visits Iraqi Kurdistan and assures that he sees “important progress” in the area

Without going to trial, the SAT recovers more than 2,200 million pesos

Without going to trial, the SAT recovers more than 2,200 million pesos