110 people arrested under investigation into false microfinance institutions in El Salvador

( Spanish) — The El Salvador Prosecutor’s Office reported on Monday that they arrested 110 people, “most of them Colombians”, as part of their investigations into a network posing as microfinance companies that were not registered and whose names have not yet been made public.

In addition to the Colombians, the authorities confirmed to that a Salvadoran, a Guatemalan and an Argentine were detained.

The institution explained that it was a joint task with the National Police and immigration authorities.

During a press conference, authorities said that approximately 3,000 complaints of crimes were identified, “mainly scams and computer scams that have been committed by Colombians.”

“These people were dedicated to offering credits at 20% interest and later carrying out collection routes from people who fell for their deceptions,” El Salvador Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado explained at a press conference.

“They requested the payment of loans through threats and outrages. When a victim couldn’t repay the loan, they usurped their identity, obtained their bank accounts and moved the money abroad,” she added.

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, said on his Twitter account that Colombians are invited to the country to vacation, invest, work or emigrate, but he pointed out that they will not tolerate crime.

“Colombians are our brothers, but as in any society, there is always a small percentage that wants to take advantage of others; some of them have come to commit crimes in our country. These people will have to face Salvadoran justice, whoever claims, ”he wrote.

is seeking a comment from the Colombian Foreign Ministry on this case.

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